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Reaping Of Garlic Chilli Salt


Brand:Reaping Hot Chilli Salt
Weight: 0.13 KGS

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Ingredients: Burning Taste Buds – Reaping Hot Garlic Chilli Salt contains Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia Chilli, Rock Salt, Onion, Garlic and Mace.

Review: Chilli Chilli Chilli ! Now the way i know if something is really Chilli is when i feel the sweat falling from my forehead, my eyes watering, nose running and mouth burning, and that’s exactly what i felt with this Chilli salt.

When it comes to BBQ Chicken i am very picky with where i like to eat, and i always end up at ‘Hawa’, a famous Lebanese chicken shop. I love chicken, and usually i just prefer to eat it with basic garlic because I haven’t really found any other sauce or seasoning that goes well with it. Well that alll changed yesterday when  finally experienced this Chicken with this Reaping Hot Garlic Chilli Salt. I finally found the perfect seasoning to eat with my chicken.

As i was eating my chicken, I also had a side of fries, yet it was just lacking salt, so I decided to add the Garlic Chilli salt on my chips as well. “Amazing” was the first thought i had ! This was one of the tastiest yet CHILLIEST salt’s I have experienced, and it was just perfect with my BBQ Chicken and Chips.

While i was there, I took my friend along and told them to try my chilli salt, without them knowing what was actually in it. Her reaction was priceless, she grabbed her water faster than i could blink, skulling water as of she had never drank before. The burning lasted about 10 minutes with the yelling at me following. On my chilli scale i rate it a 10+

Verdict: The Chilliest Chilli Salt Ever ! Burning Taste Buds – Reaping Hot Garlic Chilli Salt on BBQ Chicken and Hot Chips was honestly a crazy experience ! It tasted great, and complimented the Chicken and chips perfectly, but seriously this was HOT ! If you love Chilli then you seriously need to try this. But, if you don’t handle Chilli to well then this is a serious WARNING – Do Not Try This ! Overall i score this a 10/10.

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