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Very Hot Smokey – A unique blend of Chipotle,
Jalapeno chillies and spices to give your taste buds
a boost. Very nice on pork, chicken and vegetables.

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Very Hot Smokey


Brand:Very Hot Chilli Salt
Weight: 0.14 KGS

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A unique Chilli Salt with a blend of Chipotle and Bhut Jolokia chillies with a range of spices to give your taste buds a boost.  Very nice on pork, chicken and vegetables.

What it goes with

Pork, Vegatables, Chicken - Let us know what else

How Hot:

Product Reviews

  1. Best Chilli Salt Ever!

    Posted by Kirsty on 23rd Nov 2016

    This is possibly the best seasoning ever. I'd eat old shoes if they were covered in this!

  2. Mustard gas

    Posted by vik on 25th Feb 2016

    OMG ...tried this on pork cutlets in a pan... foochikapesta man the fumes made my eyes water...

    Really good taste and chilli bite,not for the faint hearted...!!!

  3. good for bbq

    Posted by bec on 27th Jan 2014

    I love to use this on steak, beef patties and chicken that I'm cooking in the BBQ. Great to use before or after cooking

  4. Perfect Combo!

    Posted by Andrew Tuckwell on 30th Apr 2013

    The perfect blend of spices and a lovely chilli hit. Fantastic in most dishes. Highly recommend this blend.

  5. Very nice!

    Posted by Rita Danko on 24th Feb 2013

    Nice and hot with a lovely blend of spices to give it that smokey taste.

  6. Fantastic

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2013

    One of the best tasting Chilli salt blends I've had, nice addition of spices and the right heat intensity that creaps up on you. Would definately recommend.

  7. Hot- like it says! Very nice!

    Posted by Nathan Kirby on 8th Sep 2012

    Very nice product. Excellent taste! Very dissatisfied with postage cost.

  8. make your burgers better

    Posted by Carl Nunan on 1st Jun 2012

    I have tried your chilli salt on a few things since purchasing, steaks, chicken all good. I made some home made burgers using fresh course ground pork shoulder, then mixing in the very hot smokey chilli salt, Nothing else, grilled them up on the weber and served with fried onions, cheese and home made BBQ sauce. Seriously good! Added a great zing and smokiness.

  9. Awesome flavour and heat

    Posted by Scott. on 3rd Aug 2011

    This salt is almost perfect to put on anything! I love it on potato chips, meats, sauces. Basically just add it to anything that is bland and it will be fixed!

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